Tire Stores Benefit from Metal Buildings

Tire Stores Benefit from Metal BuildingsHave you noticed that tire stores are almost always housed in pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMBs)? Our builders at Nelson and Son Construction in Denver explain that tire stores benefit from metal buildings because they provide the best structure and ample square footage, all at the best price. Maybe that’s why steel frames are 65 percent of all new low-rise commercial construction.

If you happen to own or manage a tire store, you likely want a commercial building that is well-built, long-lasting and holds the value of your building investment. You also want your building to have lots of space, strong doors, eco-friendly material, be fire and bird resistant, and offer energy savings and versatility. How do you get all those things? Nelson and Son Construction in Denver can build a steel building that will fit your business needs.

Designed for Your Business: Tire stores in metal buildings can offer a big, attractive, welcoming space. It leaves lots of room for inventory and provides bays to handle many cars at once. Steel buildings also have the option of adding the more traditional design look of brick, stone, stucco, glass.

Lots of Space: A steel building provides lots of space. It allows you to create open floor plans, free of weight-bearing interior columns or walls. This offers a flexibility for stores to make the most of their space and design.

Savings on Energy Bills: Tire stores want insulation that the deep wall cavities of steel buildings provide. It gives a comfortable space but also saves money, sometimes as much as 50 percent off the energy bills. In the summer, the reflective coolness of steel roofing panels can give an even greater energy savings.

Eco-Friendly Material: If you want to be environmentally friendly, steel buildings are a good choice because steel is the highest recycled material.

Strong Bay Doors: Tire stores require multiple car bays to mount tires on the vehicles. The bays need to be strong and wide, as well as have strong, dependable overhead doors. You can choose from a variety of door sizes, styles, and lifting mechanisms.

Fire-Resistant: Tire stores need to be made from fire-resistant construction. In a wood-framed building, the wood is an easy point of fire ignition and can be fuel for a fire. On the other hand, a steel-framed building will not cause a fire and will not help spread a fire. In addition, metal buildings may have some additional financial benefits because many insurance companies give discounts on steel building insurance premiums.

Bird-Resistant: A wood building provides all kind of places for birds to perch and build their homes, causing you lots of problems. But the metal buildings leave no place for birds to perch or nest.

Tire stores benefit from metal buildings, allowing them to add new locations or design larger stores. Nelson and Son Construction in the Denver metro area can build a steel building for your business that can provide years of trouble-free service. That means you’ll save money and see bigger profits. Call or contact us today for more information.