Misconceptions About Steel Buildings

Misconceptions About Steel Buildings Nelson and Son Construction Service DenverThere are a few common misconceptions about steel buildings that we here at Nelson and Son Construction Service in Denver would like to clarify. Beyond storage sheds, barns and garages, steel buildings are still a little unfamiliar for many people and so there are plenty of myths that need to be dispelled. Here are a few of the more common misunderstandings we hear from clients.

Myth 1: Steel Buildings are Pricey

Thinking that steel buildings are expensive is probably the most common myth. Though the cost up front may be more than other options and materials, when you factor in durability and maintenance over the life of the structure, these buildings are some of the most cost-effective choices available. And prefabricated steel buildings are well designed with the cost of labor substantially diminished because there is no fitting or additional cutting needed during installation. Steel buildings also require very little needed maintenance over time and often use less energy annually. And if you ever tear one down, steel building materials can be recycled, making them a “green” choice.

Myth 2: Steel Buildings are Unattractive

When people think of steel buildings they often think of boxy, industrial buildings with no windows or aesthetic appeal. While this look is perfectly functional for a number of businesses, steel buildings can be very versatile and attractive in appearance. There are a number of wall colors and trims to choose from and steel can be used in conjunction with all the windows you want to create a more attractive appearance. If you are using a steel structure for less industrial purposes, having additional exterior choices can be very useful.

If you want to discuss steel construction for your home or business, contact us at Nelson and Son Construction Service in Denver for a free quote. We have a number of attractive building options to choose from to meet your business needs.

Myth 3: Steel Buildings are Chilly

Many people assume that steel buildings are cold inside. This association may be connected with the idea that steel buildings are only industrial and gray in appearance. Actually, steel buildings provide easy climate control. Metal roofing can help reflect summer heat and additional insulation will help maintain the temperatures in winter. If you are interested in environmentally friendly options, solar panels can also be easily attached to a steel building.

Myth 4: Steel Buildings are Loud Spaces

Because steel is a heavy, metallic material, one of the common misconceptions about steel buildings is that they are hollow, noisy spaces – like a massive drum or an empty shipping container. At one point, buildings with metal roofing could be quite loud, particularly in heavy winds or adverse weather. Today, with appropriate insulation, steel buildings can be pretty quiet and even help cut interior noise production.

Now that we have cleared up some of the common misconceptions about steel buildings, you might realize that a steel building would be perfect for your home or business needs. If you would like to discuss a new steel building project, please call or contact us at Nelson and Son Construction Service in Denver.