Denver Custom Home Builder

Here at Nelson and Sons Construction Service, we pride ourselves in being the number one choice as a Denver custom home builder. We are a family run contractor business with a wide range of construction services to offer all customers in metropolitan Denver and the Front Range of Colorado.
With a team of highly experienced custom home builders at hand, we are happy to take on any construction project, big or small. Our services include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, basement conversion and home extensions. We can help you to modernize and add extra functional space to your house, perfect for those with growing families or anybody looking to add value to their home. The craftsmen on our team pride themselves in giving each customer personalized consultations and clear communication throughout the project. We prioritize this individual attention with all of our customers and it allows us to produce our trademark innovative design and high quality finish on every custom home building project we take on.
To learn more about Nelson and Sons Construction Service, call us today or check our website gallery for examples of our work. For all of your contractor needs, from small aesthetic repairs to custom new home construction, we can give you the best service at an affordable price. 

Custom Home Builder Denver

Nelson and Son Construction Service is ready and equipped to guide you through every step of your next custom building project. Having served the community for over 30 years, we have the technical experience and high standard of customer service to give you the most satisfactory experience at the best price. We have created our reputation in the Denver area as highly capable and reliable contractors, and our customer testimonies reflect that. Our first priority is to satisfy our customer’s needs, whether it is with a small repair job, remodeling and finishing a basement, or by creating their dream home from start to finish.
 Specializing in new home construction and custom building projects, we can create a unique home for every budget and taste.  We take the time to really listen to our customers and understand their goals and specifications for all projects. With this clear customer communication and our attention to detail, we always succeed in creating secure, highly functional and aesthetically designed homes. If you are looking to modernize your living space, add value to your home and enjoy this creative process with the peace of mind only an experienced trusted contractor can give, then do not hesitate to contact the most reliable custom home builder in Denver, Nelson and Son Construction Service.

Colorado Home Builder

As a locally owned and operated Colorado home builder, Nelson and Son Construction Service is ready to build your home with expertise and exceed your expectations while doing it! We are a general contractor that specializes in residential construction in Colorado and we are ready to take on your upcoming home building project this year.
Our 30+ years of home building experience makes us an excellent choice to rely on for quality, accuracy, and timely construction services. We will be with you throughout the entire construction process from start to finish, delivering our expertise and making it a better experience overall. If you have ever built a home or needed a construction contractor, you will know that having a trusted home builder on your side is the best thing possible and will result in the best possible outcome for your home.
We work in all aspects of home building and will meet you and the project where needed. We will always make sure the design, budget, and style of the home meets your standards here at Nelson and Son Construction Service so contact us today to get started!