8 Things to Consider When Hiring a Custom Home Builder

8 Things to Consider When Hiring a Custom Home BuilderYou want to build your dream home but you don’t know how to find the right builder. Here at Nelson and Son’s Construction in Denver, we want to pass along 8 things to consider when hiring a custom home builder. It’s important to us that you find a construction company that answers all of your questions and fits your unique requirements.

We know that building a custom home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. You’ll be working with the home builder for a long period of time. And your home builder will be working with you, the bank or mortgage company, the building inspector, and the city. They will be ordering, accepting and installing all the building materials. It’s vital that your builder knows what they’re doing and is easy to get along with. They should also be problem solvers and know what to do when things don’t go as planned.

With that said, here are our 8 things to consider when hiring a custom home builder:

  1. Reputation with local banks and suppliers: If a builder has had a difficult time with banks and suppliers, and they do not think well of that construction company, it may be an indication that things will not run smoothly for you. View their reputation as a possible warning sign or a green light.
  1. Years in business: Although many new companies may be good, you can learn a lot from how long the builder has been in business. Longevity is not only an indication of experience and success, it can also be an opportunity to talk to people who have worked with the builder.
  1. Experience in the construction industry: This can often be a huge indicator of success. An unsuccessful business usually doesn’t stay in business for long. If the custom home builder you’re looking at has a lot of experience in the industry, they are usually doing things right.
  1. Builder credentials: Take a look at the builder’s credentials and ask about their training and experience. You would do this for any other job you are hiring for, so why not for a builder?
  1. Selection of subcontractors: Ask how your builder chooses subcontractors, after all, these trades will be doing a lot of the work on your home. You want to feel confident that the subs are high quality as well, not just handed work due to an arrangement or relationship.
  1. References: Take the time to talk to people your builder has already built homes for. Ask them how they were to work with and if their home lived up to their expectations. If you ask for references and get the runaround, that’s another big red flag.
  1. Experience in your location: It’s important to find out if your builder has experience building in your area. There may be differences in the laws, suppliers, even environmental factors.
  1. Finished homes: If you can, take a tour of a home the builder has completed to see the quality and workmanship of the final product.

At Nelson and Son’s Construction, our reputable, professional home builders will be happy to answer all of your questions and address everything on our list of 8 things to consider when hiring a custom home builder. We go above and beyond to meet your high expectations and look forward to making your dream home a reality.